Five key things to think about when planning your kosher BBQ event

Here are five key things to think about when planning your kosher BBQ event:


    A kosher BBQ event can take many forms.  The format will dictate your much time and money need to for a successful event.

    Here are some example formats:

    Basic organization picnic: 

    This your basic hotdogs and hamburgers and bouncy houses for the kids.

    High-End BBQ Bash:

    This is taking your basic BBQ to next level. You will want to bring in a professional pit master to produce to notch smoked meats.

    Best Burger/Steak:

    A basic competition and a terrific addition to a basic picnic to encourage engagement for your basic organization picnic. Requires only basic equipment and willing backyard cooks.

    1-Meat Smoke Off:

    A more serious long format competition such as “Best Brisket” that requires more significant equipment.

    Full 4- Category Competition:

    The ultimate format that takes place over a span of 16 hours and is often sanctioned by an external judging organization such as the Kansas City BBQ Society.


    A kosher BBQ competition is expensive to run but can make money if run properly. While you can bring in some funds from team registration and spectator gate fees, sponsorships are a big help. Ask us how we can help connect you with sponsors.


    Make sure your location is large enough to for the competitors, judges and any other activities you plan to have. Paved surfaces are idea in case it rains as BBQ competitions are rain or shine events. If your location has running water and electricity for the team competing that is a huge plus. And don’t forget about bathrooms and parking.


    Kosher BBQ competitions provide a full set of kosher cooking equipment to teams to ensure kashrut standards. Optionally you can provide other equipment like tents, tables, and chairs. Some competitions also provide meat and other ingredients. Buying your own equipment can be expensive and storing it from year to year may require space you do not have. Ask us how we can help with that.


    It takes a village to have a successful event. Volunteers are great, especially on the day of the event but having someone who is a paid employee from your organization who is available during business hours to coordinate things goes a long way. They could be an existing employee such as an administrative assistant, office manager, director of development, or executive director.

    How can we help:

    • Our team can provide guidance based on years of experience as both competitors and organizers to help you decide which format your event should follow and how to make it successful.
    • We can provide access to Kosher certified equipment to help get your competition off the ground.
    • We can help connect you with sponsors who can help defray your costs in return for promotional opportunities at the event.
    • We can provide technical support to help get your competition’s website and social media up and running.

    Best Burger: The most basic of competition and a terrific addition to encourage additional engagement for your basic organization picnic. All you need is some basic equipment and willing backyard cooks.

    How we can help: